Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another 1st!

Well we have had another 1st with Ema. She walked out onto our porch and was stung by a wasp. Oh my... I really don't think I have ever heard her scream like that. What you cannot see in this picture is the swollen place. Its was swollen for days. Poor Baby!

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Amy said...

Emily, you're blog looks fantastic :)

Dana said...

Oh my, oh my! Your blog looks AWESOME! I gave up checking on updates from you because I got tired of looking at the cute royal couple:-)Just teasing! It really does look wonderful, though. I loved catching up with you all. Also, I wanted to tell you a good tip to know for allergic reactions...take a pepcid and a claritin together. We have had several allergic reactions at our house over the years and that works pretty fast (wasp stings, severe grass allergy, bees)Just a little FYI! Thanks for the comments on my blog...I didn't know anyone read it! You were my first comment!

Dana said...

Thanks for the email. Sadly, I am well aware of the "maintenance" antibiotic. I have been on one since I was about 6 yrs old:-( The problem now is with every infection I am having, it is only responsive to one antibiotic and guess which one it is...the one I have been on all my life! So we have to double and triple doses to get rid of infection and then when I drop back to a normal, tolerable dose it creaps right back! I know it could be worse (trust me). I just feel rotten though most of the time! Thanks for the tip though!!