Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Zoo Pictures

Since my blogging time has been cut to a monthly thing I decided to post as many pictures as I could. At this very moment Ema has figured out that I am blogging and not giving her my 100% full attention and she is literally hanging off of me. This is why I blog as much as I do. Sorry guys, I wish I could post pictures daily but blogging has taken the back burner in my life and being a mom and a wife is my first priority now. I am sure you understand!

Ema's first trip to the zoo

After the Tiger game we decided to go to the zoo. Ema loves to be outside and it was a beautiful day. Ema loves the barnyard animals. I was surprised because she actually wanted to touch them. She rubbed the horses and the goats. I am not one to touch them so I let her and Ba have their time together during this part.


Ema LOVES the tigers! I think what she likes the most is the popcorn. All that good melted butter and that great salty flavor that our 100 calorie popcorn just doesn't have. It's a kids dream right! At every game Ema points to pouncer and says ....Iger. (That is TIGER???) We were so happy when Pouncer came into our section. We thought Ema would be amazed well lets just say she likes Pouncer when he is on the other side of the court.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Too Cute not to post!

Here are some random pictures that I thought were just too cute not to share! As you can see we spend most of our time at the parks in town when the weather allows. Ema HATES the cold and the snow and really enjoys a beautiful sunny day.

Ema's first sick day

I am posting this a week late but hey....I am posting it. Last week Miss Patty (our GREAT babysitter/cousin) called and said that Ema had been pulling at her ear all day. Kirk and I both knew that she was cutting some very important teeth that may trigger ear problems but being the "new parents" that we are Kirk graciously took a half day off from work and took Ema to the pediatrician. I am so glad that we decided to take her because sure enought she had an ear infection. We are still on antibiotics but are back to normal now. Every little girl that is under the weather needs a little "happy". Ema had the cabbage patch upstairs but had never opened it due to the constant flow of toys throught our house. We drug it out and she LOVES it. She plays mommy and is too cute!

We are still here

Adding work into my schedule has put my blogging cabilities on the back burner. I think about it all the time but somehow there just isn't enough time in the day to work it in. Maybe with the extra hour I am about to gain on Sunday I will be able to blog more. I cannot wait until Sunday. Longer days, more daylight, spring being right at our backdoor! I am so tired of cold weather. The snow was great and beautiful but I am ready to kiss old man winter GOODBYE! are some cute pictures from the weeks past! ENJOY!