Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family Night at the Richardson's

If you asked me what is something I enjoy doing with my family, I would have to say, spending time at home playing the Wii and listening to Ema laugh. Last night we had one of these nights. Kirk and I played the Wii and Ema joined in as usual. She is a little young for the Wii but her creative mind never ceases to amaze us. Everyone knows what a Wii controller looks like, right? Ema gets her pretend flat iron and that is her controller. Can you see the resemblance?

Kirk loves to play basketball and golf on the Wii. Ema joined right in. It was so funny because she would watch Kirk and then tried to copy everything he did.

She really thought she was doing something. She would say, go Ema, then she would say to Kirk, High 5 Ba'!

She is growing up so much. This time last year she was so little and very overwhelmed by all the new surroundings. She has come such a long way and has developed her own personality that brings us so much joy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Surprise Snow

What a surprise, more snow! Now that Ema has her new boots, she can go out and play! We built our first snow woman. Ema wanted to name her Ducky. I am not sure why, but that is her name. She was a small snow woman but she was BEAUTIFUL.

Originally she sat on the ledge around out air conditioner but Kirk moved her under our Japanese maple tree right outside our breakfast window. Every night, Ema would go to the window and tell her good night!


We celebrated Kirk's Birthday on Tuesday. Most of you probably don't know this but Ema LOVES telling you HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We think it is because her birthday party last year was the most exciting thing she had ever been to so she loves Birthday's. For example, at night she will say.... I Love You Ma', Happy Birthday Ma'. I Love You Ba', Happy Birthday Ba'. It's really sweet. We think her saying Happy Birthday is like the ULTIMATE I Love You! She was thrilled when I woke her up and told her it was Ba's Birthday. She couldn't wait to get to him and give him her card!


Ema loves the snow this year. Last year we had just gotten home with her so she wasn't to crazy about it but that is not the case now. Our first snow day was not that great because Ema was getting sick and we wouldn't let her go out. At the time she just had the usual runny nose but that progressed into a low grade fever, then to a very high fever I could barely keep down, then to trip to the pediatrician on Monday to find out we have the FLU! It's one thing to be snowed in but to be snowed in with a VERY sick baby is another thing. Before she began running fever we did let her go out on the patio for about 2 minutes just to feel the snow since snow is rare here in Tennessee. Here are our pictures from our first snow day in 2010.

Ema kept telling me lay down momma! She wanted me to make a snow angel. Then once we came inside she wanted to call her Nanny and PawPaw to tell them that she went outside. She said Ema put hat on, Ema put gloves on, Ema put jacket on. Ema have no boots. So guess what.....Ema now has a cute pair of cotton candy Croc boots! That girl already knows how to work the grand and great grand parents!