Sunday, March 20, 2011

Go Lucy Go!!!!

I felt that this was a blog moment! I was putting my sticker on and I noticed that I have sweet Lucy's sticker and my race team sticker and they pretty much say it all!

I believe that people can beat what statistics say. Look at me! To be able to get out and run like I do, I thank God. Kirk and I joined this team (Team 413) last year before our half marathon in Nashville. This bible verse became "my verse" after I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). It's on my shoe tag, its engraved Kirk's wedding ring, and throughout my house. There are times when I forget I have it and there are times when it is obvious to me and to no one else. I WILL NOT let it rule my life but it has made me more grateful. My life would be totally different without MS. Without it I wouldn't know my daughter. I don't know why I was blessed with MS but that alone is enough for me. You may think I am NUTS but I BELIEVE that one day, I am going to be healed of MS. I believe that with all my heart.

I said all that to say- I believe that Lucy will be healed as well. I believe we serve a God that is still in the miracle making business. I pray that God gives Lucy JOY, COMFORT, and PEACE in the upcoming days. I pray that he gives her the spunk that all 5 year old's should have!

Happy St. Patricks Day

I have the best mom ever! She remembers EVERY holiday and always go all out to make it special. You would think that since Kirk and I are "adults" that the excitement might fade and but it doesn't. Now that Ema is here it is even more fun!

Everything in these baskets were GREEN! Green razors, Green shaving cream, Green Lysol (for me of course), Green gum and a four leaf clover charm for our bracelets! Thanks mom, you are the best mom and Dee Dee EVER!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Lords Prayer 2011

Sunday when we were in church, we were saying the Lord's Prayer. Ema was sitting in my lap finishing the ends of the sentences, or at the time I thought that was what she was doing. Later that night, I started saying it and she again began to finish my sentences. I was shocked. I had no idea she knew that prayer. SO we have practiced and practiced and this is what have! I am so proud of her !

You may have to go to the bottom of my page and pause my music to be able to hear her.

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Love Birds!

When we built our house, a mockingbird built a nest in our gutters. It was a very smart place to built a nest because it never gets wet due to where she built it. After she had her babies, the next spring, a Dove moved in and had babies there. Now, every spring a set of Doves come and have babies in that same nest. Monday morning, I woke up and was laying in bed praying for Erik, Kate, and Lucy and I heard doves coo'ing. I didn't think much about it but when we left to go to work this is what we found....

That's right! They are back! Meet Sally and Fred!

Gotta put your hands up

This was the first year Ema has played a sport. Well, I wouldn't say she played but she was out there and that is all that matters! Ema was asked to complete a team that was lacking enough players to have a full team. Ema is 3 (almost 4) and the team was 5 and 6 year old kids.

In the beginning it was difficult to even get her to go out there because she would say "I don't like it! They are all bigger than me." Eventually she warmed up to it and did great. The referees did a great job at showing them the basics of the game. Ema got to take the ball out A LOT and they would pick her up and allow her to make a free throw so she could score a point too.

I really hoped she would have started guarding someone by the time it was over but that never happened. I tried to tell her that when the other team had the ball to take it from them and Ema says "NO mommy, we have to share". What do you say to that? Pretty much every game, this is what Ema did...

She may have not been the best basketball player but the referee's loved her and seemed to enjoy her company!

2011 Champions!!!

I will have to admit, it was a great way to spend you Saturday morning! We laughed a lot, went to the bathroom a lot, drank a lot of poweraid and the most important part was WE ALWAYS WON! (that's what we told Ema)

Thank you Molly for being so sweet and for asking us to be on your team! Ema had a great time and is still sporting that medal!

Ohhhh T- I- G- E- R- S Tigers!!!!

Everyone who knows Kirk knows he LOVES basketball. Some of our best times together involves going to TIGER basketball games. When Ema came into our lives, she tagged along with us! Now we have quite the little tiger fan on our hands. She loves the cheerleader and sometimes even loves pouncer!

I wish I knew this cheerleaders name because Ema absolutely adored her. She would watch them cheer and would try to do exactly what they were doing. The best is when the band plays "I'm So Glad, I Go to the U of M". while we were in Vietnam That was one of the songs I would sing to Ema to get her to go to sleep. To this day she loves that song. When they play it she stands up and sings it proudly!

Looking forward to Spring

As I write this I am looking out my window and watching the birds eat from their feeder and looking at the beautiful flowers and tress that are loving the sunshine. This was not the case about 2 months ago when we had snow on the ground every week. It was beautiful, but I love what I am seeing now! Ema has NEVER been a fan of the cold weather. Every night she ask- Mommy and Ba' - in my morning (that's in the morning) is it going to be winter or summer? Not that we can control the weather but she has to know.

This is how Ema prefers to enjoy a good snow day:

But every mommy HAS to have a picture of their child in the snow:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our First Dance Recital

So all of you who know Ema would probably agree that she is a performer. She is the happiest child if she is dressed up in what she calls "clickity clackity shoes" (high heel shoes) and a tutu. Because she loves to dress up , dance, and sing, we decided to see how she would do in a dance class.

I thought maybe it was a little early because she is only 3 and I had my doubts about what she would really remember when it came down to it. I have to say I was very surprised at her first dance recital! She did very well! It was very clear that she was in her comfort zone. I expected her to get stage fright and do nothing or maybe even start to cry once she realized tons of people would be watching. Nope, not Ema she danced like she had been doing it for years. It was the funniest thing! Here are a few memories from her recital!

Gotch Day

Yes I am a little behind! OK! I am way far behind and yes it stresses me out. Every weekend I say I am going to catch up but life gets in the way and I am back to where I started, stressing out about my blog. So here I go...Let's play catch up! We celebrated Ema's second Gotcha Day in November! I cannot believe it has been 2 years! I still remember Vietnam like it was yesterday! I remember the anxiety I had that morning as I woke up and looked out my window and saw this

I remember going to visit her and expecting her to just KNOW that we were her mommy and Ba' and getting everything but that. I remember having dreams that when we met that she would hold her arms out as if she just knew that we were the ones. Boy were we in for a major surprise.

I am amazed at how fast she has grown and become my little southern Vietnamese child. I never knew how much I could love a child until Ema was placed with us. We are so blessed to have her. She keeps me laughing and there is never a dull moment at the Richardson home.