Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our First Dance Recital

So all of you who know Ema would probably agree that she is a performer. She is the happiest child if she is dressed up in what she calls "clickity clackity shoes" (high heel shoes) and a tutu. Because she loves to dress up , dance, and sing, we decided to see how she would do in a dance class.

I thought maybe it was a little early because she is only 3 and I had my doubts about what she would really remember when it came down to it. I have to say I was very surprised at her first dance recital! She did very well! It was very clear that she was in her comfort zone. I expected her to get stage fright and do nothing or maybe even start to cry once she realized tons of people would be watching. Nope, not Ema she danced like she had been doing it for years. It was the funniest thing! Here are a few memories from her recital!


Stephanie said...

Oh Emily! I would have paid big bucks to have seen that! I miss Ema so much! I need a laugh soon- please let's get together!:)

Laura Dawson said...

glad to see your back...she looks like a natural in those fancy costumes!

nicole said...

That is too cute! Love the red dress! I can't wait to sign Mary Claire up this year after she turns three. We'll at least give it a try. :-)