Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Royal Wedding

Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

How exciting to be able to watch the Royal wedding with Ema. She has been looking forward to this since she heard that a Prince was getting married. I decided to have our own little "Royal Wedding Party" while we watch it together. I have to say that I was just as excited about this as she was. I have grown up listening to my mom talk about watching the wedding of Princess Diana. She was married days after I was born and my mom talks about being at my grandmothers house watching the most beautiful wedding ever. I wanted this to be something special for Ema. She may not get the chance to see this again in her lifetime. I went all out-we decorated the living room, we had a small wedding cake. I surprised Ema with a dress up wedding dress, crown and veil. She even had her own bouquet. She was amazed!

He Lives!

This year our Church had an Easter program. I have to say that I was a little nervous because the last church program we had turned comical when Ema and Cade got into a screaming match. I was mortified and so embarrassed but I had no control. So this program we told Ema - NO SCREAMING- Just do what Alexander does. Alexander is a good kid. He seems to be a rule follower where Ema is usually the rule breaker. They did very good. Singing and dancing.....

I love this picture of her! Such a blessing from God!


Yep! It had to happen! I think Alexander was the leader this time. Who care? It was a cute moment !

Easter Egg Hunt

What kid doesn't love to hunt Easter eggs. Well its even better when you get to hunt Easter egs with Alexander . Ema and Alexander are really close friends. Alexander is such a sweet boy. We joke that if they end up together we would not be disappointed.

Ema thinks all eggs should open up and have chocolate inside it.

Here are a few pictures taken in front of our church. The azalea's were in full bloom and were too beautiful not to get pictures of.

It wouldn't be Easter without a picture with the Easter bunny!

Hoppy Easter!

I love Easter! We always have family over to our house so that the grandparents and great grandparents can play with Ema and help her hunt Easter eggs.
I am very blessed to have both sets of grandparents still here and healthy. This year has been a little rough for me but I have to say that during the trials that I have gone through I am learning a lot. God has blessed me in so many ways. I have a great family, great friends, a wonderful daughter that is constantly making me laugh, a husband that is out of this world, and a heavenly father that LOVES me more than I can imagine. So this Easter that is what I focused on, no matter what is going on around me, there is someone that see's the real me. He loved me so much he allowed his son to die on the cross for ME.
Here a a few memories from Easter 2011. We hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday!

Mother Mother, Ema, and Nanny

Easter Bunny Surprise!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I cannot believe that I have registered Ema for school. I know it is only preschool but It seems like yesterday Kirk and I were on our way to Vietnam to bring her home. She has gone from a shy and timid little girl to a very outgoing little lady. She brings so much joy to my life! I know she will LOVE school but I know that she will grow up so fast. I thank God everyday for placing her in our lives and I pray that he uses her BIG personality to glorify him as she grows up. Here are some pictures from her preschool testing.

Ema getting ready to take her test!

(Sorry for the grainy picture. I had to take it through the window)

And then she was done! Way to go Ema Li!