Monday, February 16, 2009

Ba's Little Helper

Ema got a wagon at one of my showers and Kirk put it together this weekend. If it had been me putting it together, I would have waited until Ema was napping but he attemped to do this while she was awake. The wagon did get put togther and as you can see Ema was a big help!

This one is for you Camille

As you all have read before there is a little girl that lives far away that Kirk and I are crazy about. Her name is Camille (and she is no longer a little girl but it is hard for me to believe that she is about to be 10 this year) Well when Camille was younger she loved to ride on the vacuum. She would stand on it and ride all over the house. It was so funny. The other day, I was cleaning (imagine that) and I noticed that the vacuum was hard to pull. I turned around and Ema was riding on it. She gets her chocolate milk and hops on and will ride all over the house. So Camille, this one is for you. We cannot wait to see you!

Take a close look at her legs. Somehow, while I wasn't looking she got a pen and drew all over her legs.

Happy Valentines Day!

Ema did not quite understand Valentine's Day but she enjoyed getting presents as usual. She got some Valentine's Day pajamas, a veggie tales movie, a tigers tee shirt, and a mini cooking set that has baking pans, a wooden spoon, spatula, and a rolling pin. The baking set was her favorite, especially when she dropped it on the concrete floors and found out that it makes a terrible noise.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Celebrating Tet

This past week we and several of our friends got to celebrate Tet. Tet is the Vietnamese New year! Tet is usually celebrated for a week and this year it is the year of the Ox. Tet is a time for family reunions, and for paying respect to ancestors and their elders. Gifts of food are made to friends, neighbors and relatives in the days before Tet. Another tradition preformed during Tet is for adults to give fancy red envelopes to children full of Li Xi or "lucky money," always in even denominations since odd numbers are considered bad luck. This year was our first year to celebrate Tet and we had planned on having a big party and having Vietnamese foods for friends to try but because it was my first week back at work that was too much. We were able to go to a performance at the University of Memphis for a Tet celebration.