Saturday, December 19, 2009

This post is way out or order but it is too cute not to post. In the fall, my mom went out of town and my dad was going to take Ema to church while Kirk and I ran in a race. I had everything laid out for him so he would not have a hard time. When it was time for them to come home, Ema was asleep in the car seat and to my surprise this is what I found.......

That's right! My dad didn't know that the E went in the front and the buttons went in the back. Yes, the shirt had tags! And all I was worried about was that he would forget to put the hair bow in. Next time I will label FRONT and BACK! We still laugh about this!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ema's Gotcha Day Party

These days it seems like all of my post should begin with "Lets play catch up"! I am not sure why God speeds up time when you get a child but MAN I could use a little more time in my day to CATCH UP!

Anyways, Here are a few pictures from Ema's gotcha day party. We had a great time with everyone. We had all of Ema's favorite foods:Chick Fil A chicken nuggets, chocolate oatmeal cookies, homemade banana nut bread mini muffins without the nuts, Nana's chex mix, tootsie rolls, M&M's, and Hershey kisses. We watched our video from Vietnam and literally could still remember everything like it was yesterday. Thank you to everyone who could make it. You all helped in making Ema's day special!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Ema!

OK as I post this I can't tell if I am nauseated or excited. I think it is little of both. This week is FULL of sentimental moments for Kirk and I. This week, a year ago, Kirk and I were walking the streets of Vietnam. We had met a precious baby girl and were getting ready to sign those papers to legally make her ours. I cannot believe it has been a year. I never knew how much I could love one person. She has grown up so much in a year. I remember Vietnam so vividly. And I can't believe I am about to say this but Kirk and I miss Vietnam. ( told us we would say that) Life is somewhat simple there. We had nothing to do but spend time and bond with Ema. No housework, no cooking, no real world stuff. Just enjoy our new addition and show her that we love her! Who wouldn't love that? We met some wonderful people there and think of them often. We are so grateful to Vietnam. They treated us so wonderful while we were there and made our trip as pleasant as they possibly could. So I have posted some pictures from our trip! Enjoy

I always say I hope I never forget our trip to Vietnam so I decided to write something to Ema about the points that I especially don't want to forget. Sorry if this seems crazy but I want her to know as she grows older what our experience was like.

I hope I never forget what it was like meeting you for the first time. I remember being in the room with the orphanage director drinking green tea and seeing the reflection of you and the orphanage worker in the mirror. For the first time in my life I was speechless. You were little person and no longer a picture or a child that I only saw in a dream every now and then.
I hope I never forget how you screamed and kicked because you were terrified of us. You had on an orange jacket and pants with astronaut things all over them. You had on socks that were HUGE. You were the most beautiful thing to us! I hope I never forget the day that they called us to come and get you. How your Ba' and I rushed frantically around the room FINALLY packing a diaper bag for you. I hope I never forget how your orphanage worker brought you out shielding your face from the sun with the hat that they wear there and how you were holding the ladybug toy that we had given you the day before. I hope I never forget how you sat in my lap in the bus with your legs straddled me (you still sit on me that way) and had your head buried in my arm as I sang Jesus loves me over and over to you. (it's something about the name Jesus that is comforting)I hope I never forget how wonderful it felt to finally have you in my arms. Ema, I hope I never forget bringing you back to our room and changing your diaper and dressing you in the kissy kissy outfit with pink flamingos on it and how you cried and cried and cried. I hope I never forget how once you finally went asleep, we ate dinner LATE and in the bathroom because we did not want to wake you. I think I slept 3-4 hours because I would wake up and just watch you sleep. You slept most of the night on your stomach with your booty sticking up in the air. Ema, you will never know how much you have changed our lives. We love you so much and pray daily that God will help us be the best parents to you that we can possibly be. You have come so far in a year and I am so proud of you! You are such a blessing to have! We love you!
Ba' and Me'

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leave, Leaves, and more Leaves!

We had a yard full of leaves last week and couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some good pictures. Ema wasn't sure what to do with them but once we began running through the piles that Ba had created she had a blast. Now we are paying for it with a runny nose but it was sorta worth it. All kids need to have fun in the leaves don't you think?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Halloween

In years past, I have always made cupcakes for all of our trick or treaters. I had decided this year that I was not doing all of that this year. Well I got to feeling guilty and ended up keeping the tradition.

Thursday before Halloween, we attended the carnival at the sports splex. Ema was a bit scared of the clowns but caught on really quick on collecting candy. Ema absoultly adores Amy so the best part about this night was seeing her and of course the tiger sunglasses.

Halloween was a first for Ema and for Kirk and I. I personally think that the whole trick or treating thing was a bit disappointing. We were too pressured into getting to see everyone to enjoy anything. Ema was so strung out on CHOCOLATE that by 6:00 she was irritable and done with trick or treating. She was a pretty cute Minnie Mouse though!

Basketball is here again!

It seems like yesterday that Kirk and were taking Ema to the tiger game and she was just a baby.
Well I guess these pictures say it all. She is no longer a baby. Atleast she doesn't think she is. She thinks she is about 10 years old. Little Miss. Independent, she is. She has grown up so fast. She has always enjoyed the tiger games. She especially loves the cheer whoaaaaaaa T-I-G-E-R-S tigers!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Do we have a nurse/doctor in the making?

Last week we all were plagued with the stomach virus. Kirk had it the worst by far. Wednesday when he was finally able to get out of bed, Ema decided she would make him all better. She pulled her little chair out and got to work doctoring on Ba. I thought this was so cute because I have a picture of me doctoring on my dad when I was about her age.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We are official members of the Memphis Zoo. Ema loves going to the zoo so Kirk and I took a day off and enjoyed a day there. Ema's favorite of part of zoo is the TIGERS of course and the farm animals. The weather was great and we had a lot of fun hanging out together!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let's play catch up?

OK Ema is napping and I finally have a moment to catch up on my blogging! What happens to time when you get a child.

Heritage Day is always a lot of fun. This year we participated in the wagon pull around the square. The theme this year was cowboys/cowgirls and Indian's. Ema dressed up like and Indian and rode in her wagon with a tee pee on the back. Thanks to my mom she looked so cute.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Chargers Go!

Ema got the chance to experience a parade this past week. CHS (covington high school)had their homecoming last weekend and Thursday they had a homecoming parade. Ema got all decked out in her purple and gold and boy was she looking cute. She was a little overwhelmed by the loud noises and all the people but eventually she warmed up and was fine. It was really neat to see her dressed in our old school colors. It seems like yesterday Kirk and I were in school and going to the parade together this time we were taking our child. Wow, time flies when you are having fun!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Fall/Grandparents Day!

This year was my parents and Kirk's parents FIRST Grandparents Day! We are so blessed to have such wonderful parents that absolutely adore Ema. Both sets of parents cannot get enough of her. She loves her Dee Dee and Pops & her RoRo and Jan Jan. For grandparents day this year of course I did not have to spend a great deal of money because they are both fine with a picture of Ema. Because of the beautiful weather, I thought something fall looking would be great, so I got Ema in a cute denim dress,we got in the wagon and with PatPat's assistance we got some great photo's at Ms. Annette Maxwell's house. It was so funny because I had called and could not get her so we went up anyways. I felt like I was stealing or something. I was so happy with the results.

It wouldn't do for PatPat to walk home. Ema wanted her to ride in the wagon with her so what do you think PatPat did.................................

Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Memories!

Just when I thought we were not going anywhere, Kirk decided that we should go to Florida to let Ema experience the beach. So the reservations were made and the bags were packed and off we headed to Perdido Beach. This trip was intended to be relaxing. We did not want to go and be busy all week. That's what life is like at home. We were so thrilled when Amy decided to go with us. She has been through so much and it was a nice getaway for her as well. We reminisced about the past on a daily basis. Dayton always loved the beach so it was hard not to. There was a lot of laughter and many tears. It was good for all of us! We are blessed to have Amy. Ema absolutely adores her.
We were able to see dolphins on several occasions which was very nice. Now the part I dreaded was how will Ema react to the sand and ocean? I knew one of the two would happen, Ema would either love it or hate it. I figured she would hate it since she is not one to enjoy getting dirty. I dreaded the thought of a screaming child that only wants to stay at the pool. I was half wrong and half right. She indeed HATED the sand and the ocean. She wanted no part of getting in the sand and building a sand castle. She only liked the ocean if she was sitting in her chair with her feet drawn up under her chin. While she did not enjoy the beach she did not want to stay at the pool either. She was very content with just sitting in her chair with the biggest blanket we could find under the umbrella and drinking her nook nook. (Trihn I know the spelling is wrong) Everyday around 10:30 or 11:00 she and Kirk would lay down under the umbrella and take their nap. I thought this picture was too cute not to post.
Overall, for a two year old who wanted nothing to do with the sand, she was very pleasant, she never really whined or cried the entire trip.
Here are other pictures from our trip.

Yes this is our family photo! We did not even take outfits to have our picture taken. I said it was relaxing!!! :)