Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Halloween

In years past, I have always made cupcakes for all of our trick or treaters. I had decided this year that I was not doing all of that this year. Well I got to feeling guilty and ended up keeping the tradition.

Thursday before Halloween, we attended the carnival at the sports splex. Ema was a bit scared of the clowns but caught on really quick on collecting candy. Ema absoultly adores Amy so the best part about this night was seeing her and of course the tiger sunglasses.

Halloween was a first for Ema and for Kirk and I. I personally think that the whole trick or treating thing was a bit disappointing. We were too pressured into getting to see everyone to enjoy anything. Ema was so strung out on CHOCOLATE that by 6:00 she was irritable and done with trick or treating. She was a pretty cute Minnie Mouse though!


Kristi said...

You continue to be the definition of Super Mom. How in the world do you do it all? Ema is such a cutie in her costume!

Kendra said...

VERY cute Minnie Mouse indeed!