Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Ema!

OK as I post this I can't tell if I am nauseated or excited. I think it is little of both. This week is FULL of sentimental moments for Kirk and I. This week, a year ago, Kirk and I were walking the streets of Vietnam. We had met a precious baby girl and were getting ready to sign those papers to legally make her ours. I cannot believe it has been a year. I never knew how much I could love one person. She has grown up so much in a year. I remember Vietnam so vividly. And I can't believe I am about to say this but Kirk and I miss Vietnam. (Kremers...you told us we would say that) Life is somewhat simple there. We had nothing to do but spend time and bond with Ema. No housework, no cooking, no real world stuff. Just enjoy our new addition and show her that we love her! Who wouldn't love that? We met some wonderful people there and think of them often. We are so grateful to Vietnam. They treated us so wonderful while we were there and made our trip as pleasant as they possibly could. So I have posted some pictures from our trip! Enjoy

I always say I hope I never forget our trip to Vietnam so I decided to write something to Ema about the points that I especially don't want to forget. Sorry if this seems crazy but I want her to know as she grows older what our experience was like.

I hope I never forget what it was like meeting you for the first time. I remember being in the room with the orphanage director drinking green tea and seeing the reflection of you and the orphanage worker in the mirror. For the first time in my life I was speechless. You were little person and no longer a picture or a child that I only saw in a dream every now and then.
I hope I never forget how you screamed and kicked because you were terrified of us. You had on an orange jacket and pants with astronaut things all over them. You had on socks that were HUGE. You were the most beautiful thing to us! I hope I never forget the day that they called us to come and get you. How your Ba' and I rushed frantically around the room FINALLY packing a diaper bag for you. I hope I never forget how your orphanage worker brought you out shielding your face from the sun with the hat that they wear there and how you were holding the ladybug toy that we had given you the day before. I hope I never forget how you sat in my lap in the bus with your legs straddled me (you still sit on me that way) and had your head buried in my arm as I sang Jesus loves me over and over to you. (it's something about the name Jesus that is comforting)I hope I never forget how wonderful it felt to finally have you in my arms. Ema, I hope I never forget bringing you back to our room and changing your diaper and dressing you in the kissy kissy outfit with pink flamingos on it and how you cried and cried and cried. I hope I never forget how once you finally went asleep, we ate dinner LATE and in the bathroom because we did not want to wake you. I think I slept 3-4 hours because I would wake up and just watch you sleep. You slept most of the night on your stomach with your booty sticking up in the air. Ema, you will never know how much you have changed our lives. We love you so much and pray daily that God will help us be the best parents to you that we can possibly be. You have come so far in a year and I am so proud of you! You are such a blessing to have! We love you!
Ba' and Me'


Laura Dawson said...

This is like reading your blog while you were over there last year....exciting, emotional, sweet...she is a beautiful, smart, blessed little girl and you are very unselfish people!

nicole said...

I am crying just like I cried last year while watching you become parents to such a beautiful little girl! Thanks for letting us be a part of her life and yours! We will never forget this! I do believe Ema and I are kindred spirits...especially now that I know we like to eat the same stuff! hehe

Brandi Mignard said...

Pat tuned me in to your blog last year while you and Kirk were getting ready to. I've followed it ever since. What a truly happy beginning for you all.

Kristi said...

Happy Family Day to all of you! You all were in our thoughts this past week as we remembered your experience in Vietnam and how we loved being "with you" through it. We would have loved being at your celebration but unfortunately were flying into Missouri at that moment. We hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!
(By the way, Mark wants to know if you'd like to be our neighbors in Hanoi now that you miss it?)

Kate said...

Just finally getting to catch up on blog reading. That was a beautiful letter to Ema. I know she will cherish it in years to come. Im so sorry we did not make it to her Gotcha Day party. The girls have a sweet gift for her. It's been riding around in my van for 2 weeks now. You guys are amazing people to open your heart and home to adoption. Ema is a precious gift. I'm so glad God chose you to be her parents.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Hello! We're the family from Mac Grill tonight with Reed from Taiwan. Please email us for more information about Taiwan. Our email is jeffandab@yahoo.com. Our blog is www.jeffandabbey2001.blogspot.com