Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Imagination of a child!

Sometimes she is a princess, sometimes she is a cook, and sometimes she is a musician. Today she was both. Today Ema was very quite playing quietly in her room. I went to check on her and this is what I found. Ema the chef teaching her Tinkerbell how to play the pa nano (piano)! Too Cute!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tiger or Bulldog?

Well the answer to this question would be Bulldog because we stunk it up during this game! Ema and Maggie had a lot of fun so that's good. Actually I have to say that Mag's was leaning towards the TIGER during this game. She didn't care that they were loosing. Ema yelled "YOU CAN DO It!" The innocent minds of a child. Who cares who is winning it's all about the mascot!

This is Ema before heading to Starkville

Ema's and Maggie BFF's

Ema and Maggie always have a great time when they are together. Wednesday, Maggie brought Ema a cookie that she had made Ema at school. Maggie had to make a cookie for a friend and she picked Ema. I hope these girls grow up and continue to be friends. (Maybe some of Maggie's calmness will rub off on Ema)

Ema's partial dream come true!

Recently we bought tickets to Disney on Ice. Ema is fascinated by Snow Wipe (White). She LOVES this movie and everything about her so we knew Ema would love this show. After Kirk had seriously hurt his ankle and endured me driving him to Memphis and having to pay to park in the garage (all of which he is against) we finally made it. Unfortunately Kirk had to jump down about 50 steps and back up them when it was over but the show was worth it. Ema pretty much sat amazed during the entire show. She kept asking me to have Snow Wipe come shake her hand. This didn't happen but she loved it anyways!

Meet Sully our Jack o Lantern

We have the first Richardson jack o lantern. His name is Sully and he lives on our front porch.

Ema for some strange reason kept saying "Let's eat him" I'm not sure why she thought we would eat the pumpkin but she did. Sully is so cute at night lighting out our porch.