Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Sully our Jack o Lantern

We have the first Richardson jack o lantern. His name is Sully and he lives on our front porch.

Ema for some strange reason kept saying "Let's eat him" I'm not sure why she thought we would eat the pumpkin but she did. Sully is so cute at night lighting out our porch.

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Amy said...

Cute! I am planning on carving one won't be our "first" but will be our "first with Mills." I haven't done one in a few years, because it hasn't really been that big of a deal for us. I told Erik the other day that we are def. going to HAVE to do one this year. I can picture it child who sticks EVERYTHING in his mouth will be trying to eat that nasty goo on the inside and a few seeds I'm sure. And what am I thinking by letting my 14 month old help? Who know! LOL