Sunday, November 16, 2008

Road Warriors!

Well everyone who knows Kirk and I, know that one of our hobbies is running. I run daily and we LOVE to run in road races. Beginning in July, we entered the Memphis Runners Club summer Road Race series. This series of races is a huge challenge. It consist of 2 races a month: 2- 5K's, 2- 5 milers, 2- 10K's, 2- 10 milers, and 2- half marathons. For two years Kirk and I have been chasing after this trophy but in order to get it you have to run every race. Every year something always happens, schedule conflict, illness, etc. This year we did not let anything stand in our way. Today we officially became road warriors! We will have to go to a banquet in January and will be presents with our awards. I know that it sounds like I am tooting my on horn, but I am very proud of both of us!