Sunday, November 1, 2009

Do we have a nurse/doctor in the making?

Last week we all were plagued with the stomach virus. Kirk had it the worst by far. Wednesday when he was finally able to get out of bed, Ema decided she would make him all better. She pulled her little chair out and got to work doctoring on Ba. I thought this was so cute because I have a picture of me doctoring on my dad when I was about her age.


Laura Dawson said...

I can't believe how big she is getting, when we went by your house last night, it was strange to see your lights off on Halloween...I was thinking, last year about this time, you were getting ready to go get her and now you are trick or treating with her!

nicole said...

Cute! If I get sick, which isn't very often cause Mommies aren't supposed to do that (insert sarcasm), my boys like to play doctor on me, too! Jonah is so cute when he pretends to give me a shot! Hope everyone at your house is feeling better now!

Kristi said...

Hope you are all feeling better! Ema is getting so big and her hair is growing out so beautifully. Maria still has little wisps that stand up on end. Happy Halloween.