Friday, March 18, 2011

Ohhhh T- I- G- E- R- S Tigers!!!!

Everyone who knows Kirk knows he LOVES basketball. Some of our best times together involves going to TIGER basketball games. When Ema came into our lives, she tagged along with us! Now we have quite the little tiger fan on our hands. She loves the cheerleader and sometimes even loves pouncer!

I wish I knew this cheerleaders name because Ema absolutely adored her. She would watch them cheer and would try to do exactly what they were doing. The best is when the band plays "I'm So Glad, I Go to the U of M". while we were in Vietnam That was one of the songs I would sing to Ema to get her to go to sleep. To this day she loves that song. When they play it she stands up and sings it proudly!

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