Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family Night at the Richardson's

If you asked me what is something I enjoy doing with my family, I would have to say, spending time at home playing the Wii and listening to Ema laugh. Last night we had one of these nights. Kirk and I played the Wii and Ema joined in as usual. She is a little young for the Wii but her creative mind never ceases to amaze us. Everyone knows what a Wii controller looks like, right? Ema gets her pretend flat iron and that is her controller. Can you see the resemblance?

Kirk loves to play basketball and golf on the Wii. Ema joined right in. It was so funny because she would watch Kirk and then tried to copy everything he did.

She really thought she was doing something. She would say, go Ema, then she would say to Kirk, High 5 Ba'!

She is growing up so much. This time last year she was so little and very overwhelmed by all the new surroundings. She has come such a long way and has developed her own personality that brings us so much joy.


nicole said...

Very cute! And she has grown so much...a year goes by so fast, doesn't it? Next year, she'll probably be giving Kirk a run for his money on the Wii. :-)They pick it up fast!

Christi said...

so sweet!

Laura Dawson said...

How cute!