Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ema's Prayer

Saturday we enjoyed our last Memphis home game. Ema had a blast this year at the games. She made it to all but three. Everyone around us loved watching her cheer ohhhhhhhh......T....I...G....E...R....S- TIGERS and her all time favorite song I'm so glad! We worried before getting Ema that she might not like going to the tiger games. Not a problem! Saturday when we got home we were getting our baths and Ema looked and me and Mommy Ema want to pray. SO I said OK and she began...... you for mommy, Ba, Dee Dee Pops, Amy and Kiss (that's Chris)...Jesus Ema no more Titee games... no no...thank you Titee games. Amen! So Sweet!

Made me want to cry!

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