Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well I do believe that Ema is GROWING UP! You would think that would make me happy but really, it makes me a little sad! You guys might think I am crazy but I can see her changing right before my eyes! First it was potty training- don't get me wrong I was glad to be done with diapers but that was the first step to her becoming a "big girl". Second was sleeping habits. Getting her to sleep in her own bed has not been easy. From birth she has had someone in her bed (so we were told). Bringing her here set her back a little and the crib thing just never really worked for her. After the toddler bed it was better but her staying in her bed all night was a problem. See, Ema is a rocker! She loves for me to ROCK her for naps, bedtime, and just for pleasure. I can see her now as an old woman sitting on her porch.....ROCKING! Our routine every night is dinner, baths, and rocking. Most nights it takes me rocking for 2+ hours and sometimes she is still awake. On nights when she does drift off to sleep, she goes into her bed, but if she is still awake, she is in our bed. This is mostly because by this point I am TIRED and just cannot rock anymore. Everyone keeps telling me, "When she is ready, she will get out". I never could put her into her bed and let her cry, if she wanted me to rock her I would and I actually love rocking her! I just didn't want her to be 6 and still sleeping with us. I may be speaking too soon but I think we have reached another milestone this week. Ema has slept in her own bed ALL NIGHT for 4 nights now! She is so proud in the mornings when we get her up and she is still in her bed! I swear, she will be going to college before I know it! :)
And today- this is what inspired me to post this! We ate lunch with my dad and when we got back home it was nap time. Ema crawls into my lap and like usual she says "rock the baby mommy", so I did. After about 2 minutes of rocking she kisses me on my cheek and says, "MOMMY, Ema want to lay down and she points to her blanket that I had ready on the couch" I put her down and off to sleep she went!

She is a big girl!


Candi said...

Lydia has always been a rocker too. Now that she is 5, she doesn't want to rock as much. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for her younger days when we rocker for hours on end. I say rock as long as you can! Hope you have a good rocker!!

Pat said...

Good job, mom! Our Ema is progressing very well!