Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pickwick 2011

We were asked to join the Smith's and the Sampson's for a fun filled weekend at Pickwick.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this trip for a few reasons.
  • I am not a "roughing it" kind of person and when I think of the lake/river- I think of roughing it.
  • Ema is only 4 years old and she cannot swim. I do not allow her to swim unless we are with her. What if she gets out of my sight.
  • Ema sometimes is fearful of the pool so she will never get in the lake and what will I do with a 4 year old that will not get in the water.
  • I know there are snakes in that water and NO lake is big enough for me and a snake!
So those thoughts ran through my mind while we drove to Pickwick. Once we got there I suddenly realized we would not be "roughing it" at all. (Thanks Chad for not giving us directions to a dump house)

The next morning we loaded the kids up and off to the lake we went.

Christopher, Ema, Maddie, and Benjamin

This was when my third fear that was proven to be unecessary.

Ema LOVED the water. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't jumping off the boat or anything but she loved swimming around. I couldn't believe it! She swam around like a little fish!

That's right! She even got on the tube (or whatever its called) She was grinning from ear to ear. I think I have a little daredevil on my hands!

What a cute bunch of kiddos!

I have to admit that I did not see any snakes but we did see a raccoon. This raccoon lead to a very interesting conversation amongst Leigh, Susan and myself that proved my friend Leigh's intelligence about wildlife. This is how the conversation went...

Susan: Look at that raccoon!
Leigh: Raccoon's won't bother you. Raccoon's are like cat's they cannot swim!

The following day at breakfast Leigh says "You know I have been thinking about that Raccoon. Raccoon's can swim. They have to swim to build all those damns in the water."

Emily: That's not a raccoon that is a beaver!

Thank you Leigh for inviting us to the Lake! I learned a lot at the lake.
  1. Never take your phone to the lake!
  2. If you take your phone make sure you have a bag of rice at the house
  3. Wear cheap sunglasses not Ray-Ban's.
  4. You know nothing about Raccoon's or Beavers!

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