Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Ema!

This year we tried to do a simple party so we decided to have a pool party at the CCC. It was HOT and the perfect place for the kids to run, play, and swim. Ema wanted a mermaid party so that is what triggered the idea to have it at the pool. We cooked out and had cake and ice cream and everything was wonderful. I always stress when it comes to Ema's Birthday party and in the end I stress for nothing because it always turns out great.

Ema's Gift Table

Ema also wanted the mermaid on her cake to look like her so YES we had a mermaid that had black hair. Yummy right!

Smile for a group picture! Everyone seemed to have a great time! Thank You guys for celebrating Ema's Birthday with us!

We have a tradition that doesn't just happen at Birthday's but anytime there are balloons. Dayton ( our God son that is now in heaven) LOVED balloons but for one reason. He loved to let them go. So now that he is not physically here with us, anytime Ema gets a balloon, she lets it go. She thinks it flies to Heaven to Dayton. So here is our picture of us letting our balloons go! We love you Dayton and miss you so much!



Your Ba' and I are so proud of you and we love you SO much!
We are so thankful that God placed us together as a family. Watching you grow and seeing your personality blossom right before our eyes is amazing.
You continue to be strong willed and independent and VERY competitive. (I have no idea where you get that from) We pray that God uses that big personality of yours in a big way and that you grow up loving the Lord with all your heart.
You fill our home and our hearts with NOTHING but joy.
We love you Ema Li Yen Richardson and we hope you had the best Birthday ever!

Mommy and Ba'

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