Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Dayton!

Today we are celebrating Dayton's 10th Birthday! For those of you who did not know Dayton, he was the strongest little kid I know. He faced many challenges in his life and overcame them one by one. We have SO many memories of him and we will always cherish them. We miss this little guy so much. It still seems unreal sometimes when we think of him not being HERE but we KNOW that he is safe in the arms of Jesus. Praise God that we can find peace and comfort in that.

Chris and Amy- We are praying for you today. I cannot imagine the highs and lows that you must go through on a daily basis. We cannot Thank You enough for letting us be a part of Daytons life. Thank you for all the memories that we have shared together. We love you guys and hope God gives you both peace and comfort today and in the days to come.

Gulf Shores 7/22/2004

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Candi said...

Praying for Dayton's family today.