Monday, April 20, 2009

It's beginning to look like spring

I am so glad that spring is finally here. I love all of the beautiful colors that spring provides. The dogwood trees are absolutely gorgeous and the tulips, buttercups, and pansies love this weather as much as I do. What is even better is Kirk surprised us with a new porch swing and Ema loves it. I was able to get these quick photos in our backyard one day. I thought they were too cute not to post.

This dogwood tree was given to us last year on Ema's Birthday. Our neighborhood gave it to us as a money tree and to help us on our trip. We have never got to see it bloom so this year we were able to enjoy it with Ema. Jan was so worried that it would not survive the heat of the summer but with a little TLC we got a beautiful reminder of how caring our neighbors are here in the Links. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to get us this. It is beautiful and every time we look at it we will remember you guys!

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Laura Dawson said...

I have been looking at the dogwood every time i drive by....these are beautiful pictures of Ema!