Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ba and Ema's first tent

Close your eyes and go back to your childhood with me. Picture yourself with your mom's quilts and blankets stretching them from one piece of furniture to another. Now, break out that imagination that you had as a child. Are you going to be a pirate, a princess, or are you just going to take your babies inside and take care of them. For me, nothing was as much fun as making a tent in the house and staying in it all day. I loved to stretch blankets across my room and allow my imagination to run wild. Ema's first tent experience was more fun for me to watch. Kirk and Ema got in and out of the tent thousands of times. Kirk put so much thought into it. Ema did not understand it all but she loved knocking it down. She would throw her juice cup on top of it and laugh when it fell. The picture of Kirk on the floor is a result of Ema throwing her cup down and it hitting Kirk's foot. I had to take a picture :)

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