Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our first Memphis Game

Last night we tackled our first Memphis game with Ema. She loved it. Kirk and I have figured out that the more people and noise there is the happier Ema is. We got to the game early because we wanted to take her down to the bottom and let her see pouncer and the cheerleaders. She was more amazed by the team practicing. Her expression says it all.
The cheerleaders came by and talked to her and oooh'ed and ahhh'ed over her.

We were so afraid that the intro of the game may be a little frightening to her because it is so loud! Ema's eyes were the size of dinner plates and she rolled em up, rolled em up and yelled "ooooo Di Di's" (thats Gooooo Tigers!!!) (Ema loves the roll em up roll em up part of patty cake!!)

She had a great time!


JJ and Brandy Brown said...

How sweet!! Future Tiger Cheerleader! She is precious! Thanks for keeping us updated with the pics. Braxton loves to see the pics of Ema and prays for her every night! :)

Krista and Matt said...

I'm so happy that she loved the game! You guys are gonna have so much fun with that :) Miss you see you soon!