Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve is always a little sad for me. I guess taking down the Christmas tree and looking back on all the happy times that you had that year just gets to me. Kirk and I have definitely had an exciting year. Getting the opportunity to run all of our races and being named road warriors was a huge accomplishment for us. Getting to follow the TIGERS to the National Championship game was also a lot of fun. (until we lost) While all of that is GREAT, the biggest event of 2008 for the Richardson's was getting to travel to Vietnam to get our long awaited baby girl, Ema Li Richardson. She has definitely put a little life into our home. We must have been the most boring two people on the face of the earth. Ema is on the go all of the time. She never stops! Not even to sleep. This is our New Years resolution for her - Ema to sleep for at least 5 hours. Oh how I miss my sleep. I think I need to go back to work to get some rest. :) Here are some cute pictures that have not been posted! Enjoy!

Ema and Uncle Sam!

Ema loves to swiffer. I wonder where she learned how to do this? I hope she likes a clean house like I do!

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Amy said...

She is more than welcome to Swiffer my house anytime!! And thats a promise! :) Happy New Year!!