Friday, January 23, 2009

A day at the park

Well today was my last day at home with Ema. I am crying as I post this because I have gotten kinda use to staying home. I love the mornings with Ema the most. She gets up, usually on all fours rocking back and fourth, whining until I go in and pick her up. Next comes my favorite, her puckered lips give me my first kiss of the day. Man, I hope she still does this at 7:00 am. Today was a BEAUTIFUL day! D.D, Jan Jan, Ema and I went to the park. Ema had the best time. She loves to be outside. Her favorite part was the swings but sliding with Jonah and Bo was right up there. (Nicole you would have been so proud of Jonah, he was so sweet with Ema)Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

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nicole said...

He is a sweetheart most of the time. I am so glad he got to see Ema. He was so excited about going to the park with Bo that day. I wish I could have gone, too. Cute pictures!