Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ema is offically the Big Sister!!

The last week that we shared with Ema before we got Andi Grace was kinda bittersweet for me. All kinds of fears ran through my mind. I wondered how Ema would adjust to not being the center of attention. I wondered how she would do having me dedicate a lot of my time to a newborn. As usual she rolled with it and proved to Kirk and I that she was a "big girl" and she handled it with grace. She has her moments don't get me wrong but each day is better and better. She is a great BIG SISTER!

The moment she had been talking about. She could not wait to hold her.

I love the smile on Ema's face in this picture! She looks so proud!

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Amy said...

Congratulations Emily, Kirk, and Ema! Wow! She is beautiful and I am so happy for you guys. I will be praying for you daily, as you learn the ropes of a new born baby. :) Please, if you need me or need ANYTHING of ours (and I have tons of baby gear-ha!) Please let me know!