Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was a little different for me for many reasons. I have two special people in my life that make mothers day mean a little more to me than it usually would. Don't get me wrong I had a wonderful day but this year I had two other people on my mind throughout the day. First, I thought of Ema's biological mother a lot. I thought about how she was a very selfless person and how she gave me the greatest gift.....Ema. I don't know if they celebrate mother's day in Vietnam but I couldn't help but wonder if she thought of Ema today. I am committing myself to pray for her daily. I pray that the God of peace and understanding will give just that. I pray that somehow she know that Ema is loved beyond her comprehension. I pray that God will give her peace about the decision that she made to allow Ema to be adopted. I don't know if we will ever know her or if Ema will ever be able to meet her but she is a very special person to us!

Second,I thought of my Amy! God love her, mother's day will always be hard for her! We miss Dayton so much and mother's day really hits hard. Amy, if you are reading this, We love you and you know we pray for you daily and I personally find it exciting to see both you and Chris staying so strong when I think I would fall apart. You were a WONDERFUL mother to Dayton! Thank you for letting us be his God parents and for all the good memories that we share!

OK, now I have to give Kirk and Ema credit because they surprised me this year with two beautiful white rocking chairs for my front porch. I love sitting on our front porch watching the golfers play and waving at the people driving by. Kirk always said he likes the back porch better but Saturday he got up a little earlier than I did and I couldn't find him. He was rocking and drinking coffee. :) We visited with family on Mothers Day and then spent the rest of the day together. It was a great day! Thank you Kirk and Ema for making Mother's Day such a great day for me.

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nicole said...

I noticed your new rocking chairs and I really like them! Happy belated Mother's day!