Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celebrating the fourth!

Let's play caatch up! Celebrating the 4th of July is always a lot of fun. We didn't do anything special but we did go to the pool and Ema got to enjoy a frozen treat. Ema loves going to the pool. She has become quite the little fish. She is so funny, she will lay down almost anywhere and say WOOK WOOK! I wimmin! (Look Look! I'm Swimming) She really things she is something! Too Cute!


Amy said...

love the swimsuit and pigtails! She's a doll!!!

Kristi said...

Ema seems so grown up in this set of pictures! Time has flown by apparently... glad to see that parenting hasn't aged the parents at all!

Krista and Matt said...

How adorable!!!!! She looks way too grown up!