Monday, May 18, 2009

Nguyen Kim Yen becomes Ema Li Yen Richardson

Yes we have had Ema for almost 6 months but believe it or not she has been Nguyen Kim Yen this whole time (legally). Today we went to court and adopted Ema AGAIN and she officially became Ema Li Yen Richardson. It was sort of a bitter sweet ordeal. I knew this day would come but it is kinda like her name was the last piece of Vietnam that Ema held on to and now it's gone. We tell her about Vietnam and her adoption story almost on a daily basis and we hope to keep that alive forever. I want her to know where she is from and I want her to know what it took to get her here. Here are pictures from our name changing ceremony!

Notice, she may no longer have a Vietnamese name but she still squats like a Vietnamese. I hope she never looses this, its kinda neat.

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