Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day BA

Sunday was Kirk's first fathers day. I had a special weekend planned for Kirk and Ema. Yesterday Kirk and Ema got all dressed up and went to Marlo's. I had made them reservations just for the two of them. Kirk was so surprised and had a great time. Ema had picked out a card with Minnie Mouse on it and he opened at the restaurant. I thought this might be the start of a tradition for the two of them. This morning I had got him the picture from our first photo session with Phil Ramsey. It was one with Ema and Kirk, the way she was looking at him just melts my heart every time I see it.

Thanks for being a wonderful husband and father to us. Ema absolutely adores you! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into the adoption process. You worked so hard to get Ema here and she has added so much joy and excitement to our lives. Thanks for all you do for us! We love you very much! Happy Fathers Day!

Emily and Ema


nicole said...

Sounds like he had a great 1st Father's Day! And I love the picture that Phil took of the two them! So sweet!!

Amy said...

What a very sweet idea. That will be a great yearly tradition.

Kristi said...

That is such a cute tradition. I have to admit though, that when I first thought about it I was thinking, "Kirk takes a toddler to a restaurant and Emily stays home where it's quiet and peaceful. Who's day is it?" LOVE Ema's dress in the pictures. Happy Father's Day Kirk!