Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nothing to do!

Many of you may know that I had a job from you know where and because I am making this blog for a family scrapbook I am not going into any more detail than that.

I was blessed to be able to give my 2 weeks notice last week and was blessed again to be asked to leave immediatly leaving me with a 2 weeks paid vacation. So whats a girl to do with a paid vacation - I was able to take Ema to school and pick her up each day, I have ran almost every morning, and I have cleaned my house from top to bottom. The only part about this new job I am dreading is that I have to go to Nashville for 3 weeks ( home on the weekends ). I cannot stand the thought of being away from Kirk and Ema for that long of a time. I REFUSE to cry this early because I promise I will not stop. So if you guys could use a little extra prayer time PLEASE add me. I am praying that the time flies and that I am able to focus and learn as much as I can. I am also praying that my HUSBAND is reading this and comes to visit me on each WEDNESDAY night after Ema gets out of school. I am a serious homebody and I love to be with my family so being away is going to be hard. There are times when I think " you are going to be fine, you can do this" and then times like today when I am thinking "You will never make it." So enough of my moaning and groaning.

Today Ema and I hung out all day. No cleaning, phones, fussing just me and her playing. We watched DVD's and popped popcorn and snuggled! That is my kind of day! I love this kiddo!

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Candi said...

Praying that the weeks past by very quickly for you. She and Kirk will have a great time together!

Cherri said...

You will do great with your new job, Emily! I pray the time in Nashville goes quickly, but that you soak up what you can while you're there. I'm sure Ema can fill you in on everything happening back at home, and give you BIG hugs when you're back :)

Kristi said...

You'll be in thoughts and prayers for sure! Hope the time will just FLY by and that this will also be a great time for Ema and Kirk to grow even closer.

Thanks for your text the other day- I so appreciated it!

Dana said...

I will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers! PLEASE tell Kirk that I am available to help drop off/pick up Ema ANYTIME but especially when you are gone! I have built in babysitters and they would LOVE to have some Ema time:-)They would also love to keep her any afternoon/night if he needs a sitter! You will make it fine and so will Ema...Kirk on the other hand...

Love ya,