Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Blessings

We started our Easter celebrations off with Palm Sunday. Ema got to walk out with the other kids at church waving palm leaves. She did so good!

Dying Easter eggs was quite an experience. These pictures may look a little redneck because she has her shirt off but I didn't want her to get egg dye on her outfit. Ema loved dying eggs. She liked the pink and "Tiger blue" eggs the best. The orange dye was "Yucky Orange".

Sunday Morning Kirk and I got up early to see the sunrise then Ema got up and got her Easter basket. She was so excited.

NaNa made Ema a homemade bunny! She opened it and said "Ohhhhhh my goodness! "

This year Easter dinner was at our house. I believe that this was the most beautiful Easter that I can remember. The weather was wonderful for hunting easter eggs. She got an Easter basket from everyone that came over which was so exciting for her.

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Brandi Mignard said...

I love the eggs dying picture - every true Southern Belle has a hair bow regardless if she is wearing a shirt or not. Priceless, not redneck Ha!