Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saddle Up!

This was Ema's first year at vacation bible school! Mom took her to Mt. Lebanon and Ema loved it. Each day she had to dress in cowgirl attire! Well you know she had to have PINK cowgirl boots, PINK cowgirl hat, and a PINK guitar! She was the cutest cowgirl around!

Every night she would come home singing "shoooo fly don't bother me" and " I will cast my cares on the Lord". She made a craft and was always so proud to show it to us. Of course the Brown Horsey picture was her favorite because my mom makes up stories and has a Brown Horsey story that Ema LOVES! She can almost recite it herself from beginning to end.

Anyways,if you haven't seen Ema preform you are really missing out. She puts on quite a show!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day at the pool and at my grandparents cooking out. As usual Ema had to have bubbles! She absolutely loves bubbles! Me writing this on my blog will not do it justice but we experienced a first with these bubbles. My mom would blow the bubbles and Ema would say " I want to do do do do it!" It was hilarious! I think she was trying to say "I want to do it" and it came out "I want to do do do do it

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ba' the Builder

Kirk did a beautiful job building our pergola! It feels like a new room added to our house. Ema encouraged Kirk while he worked by singing "Ba' the builder , he can fix it!" Thank you Ba' for working so hard! I am sure we will have lots of memories and great family time spent under our pergola!



Zoom through the zoo

Zoom though the zoo has always been a favorite race of mine! 4 miles is a great distance and running through the zoo provides good scenery. Ema and mom had a great time dodging the snakes (wink!) while Kirk ran in the extreme heat!

Summertime Fun

After going to Mary Claire's birthday party and having a BLAST in her swimming pool we had to get one ourselves. Ema loves the water. As you can see she LOVES to water my flowers which is fine with me because they are normally in need for a good drink.